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by charlie shuck

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this is my first solo album. a collection of songs written over many years.


released January 20, 2012

all songs written and preformed by charlie shuck.
front cover photo by my father, william j. shuck in st. augustine fl.
tracks 1, 3, 5, 8, & 11, produced and recorded by jeancarlo mendez for
K&S recording company



all rights reserved


charlie shuck Jacksonville, Florida

a poet and songwriter from jacksonville, florida.

listen with your eyes
shut or looking at the stars.


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Track Name: grown man crying
Well you say you’re leaving home tomorrow
So say you won’t be back for ten long years
And I’ll be left alone here with just my sorrows
But you say you don’t wanna see no tears

Cause you say there’s nothing worse than a grown man cryin’

Well you sang your song for me and I was cryin’
You made it sound so sweet and I was diein’
And all my other friends are going to collage
So I’ll leave town and never come back home

Cause you say there’s nothing worse than a grown man cryin’

Well you say “I’ll see you later my good friend”
I say “I’ll see you in Spain next year”
You say “hey Charles you know this ain’t the end
“it’s just been our first chapter, have no fear.”

Cause they say there’s nothing worse than a grown man cryin’
Track Name: blasphemously blind
Will we sail next fall?
Will we do anything at all?
Am I just dumb?
Are you a sugarplum?

Am I blasphemously blind?
Am I dangerously kind?

Am I already dead?
Am I asleep in my bed?
Where were you dear?
You were here, but you were not here.

Am I blasphemously blind?
Am I dangerously kind?
Track Name: me and my soul
me and my soul went walking around
me and my soul went down.
me and my soul burned down the town
me and my soul went down.

same old faces in every town
me and my soul went down.
same old shit in every mound
me and my soul went down.

same old songs in every joint
me and my soul went down.
a caucus race goin' round 'n' round
me and my soul went down.

i found the note from underground
me and my soul went down.
same old stones on every crown
me and my soul went down.

the notes said "aren't you goin' mad
"living up in that big town?"
well i agreed that i was
me and my soul went down.

stumbled upon a dollar bill
me and my soul bent down.
but it exploded in out faces
me and my soul went running out of town.
Track Name: ran-over bunnies
Do not mourn me when I am dead
For I am weary, just resting my head
And do not speak now, for I can’t hear
My mind, it is numb, and I’ve wax in my ear.

My insides are twisting a terrible scheme
I pray I am sleeping, oh lord what a dream
So rescue me and take me back home
But if I must die let me do it alone.

Let me sleep in my bed, let me sleep peacefully
Let me leave this here race track so gracefully
When I’m in the ground don’t shed a tear
I’ll always be with you, you’ve nothing to fear.

My good eye is squinting, I can’t see to walk
My mouth is so dry, I can’t seem to talk
So rescue me and take me back home
But if I must die let me do it alone.

My thoughts they are dull and my heart it beats slow
It seems like it’s almost the end of the road
The road it is covered in ran over bunnies
And I can’t see any part that is sunny.

So when your road splits to good and to bad
Do not take that dark road that I had
So don’t rescue me or take me back home
For now I must die and do it alone.
Track Name: the crooked pack
the jokers got a brand new suit
and the aces are makin’ off with the loot
and the king’s all alone, cryin’ his eyes out.

the queen says to jack, “go and get me
a bed that’s just my size, and quickly,
i need to lay down and cry my eyes out.”

the joker’s strollin’ down the street
hoppin’ and skippin’ and kickin’ his feet,
and the cards are fanned out all above his head.

the king’s knockin’ on the castle gate
jack opens up and says, “dad, you’re late.
mom’s upstairs cryin’ her eyes out.”

the king says, “does she want to see me?”
jack says, “I’m not sure, just go up and see.
if she does, you know she’d never admit it to me.

the aces spent the loot in a bar,
laughin’ and drinkin’ and havin’ a ball.
it’s all fun and games ‘til the tender says “get out!”

the joker tripped and fell,
the aces drank themselves to hell,
and the queen turned down the king so he’s
cryin’ his eyes out.

now the jokers got a hole in his suit,
the aces wasted all the loot,
and the kings in the gutter, stabbin’ his brains out.
Track Name: the gunslinger
a love supreme
in a dream.
i'm a fiend,
and you're my queen.

olive juice
and elephant shoes.
a love supreme
with sour cream.

let me hear your voice again.
let me hear your voice again.

i'm a monster
and you're my doctor.
i'm a gunslinger.
put the triger to the finger.

let me hear your voice again.
let me hear your voice again.
Track Name: the package song
I received a package in the mail today.
The mailman he said it came from far away.
And I knew who it was from without reading a single line.
It was from my dearest friend who was treated so unkind.
Deported for no reason, well before our prime
And I was left alone in this cruel country mine.
In the package was an assortment of things he thought I’d like
And tears came to my eyes as I marveled at the sight.
No one knows me better and no one better do I know
Then the friend I wait for every night, but never does he show.

My friend I miss you so.
My friend, please come home.
I hear there’s a chance you might come back in March,
And I will be waiting.

I received a package in the mail today
The mailman he said it came from very far away.
The note inside it read:
“Merry Christmas, my best friend.
“I’ll see you very soon and we’ll be hero’s once again.”
Track Name: in the ground
well it rains and it pours and
i'm outside your door,
but you don't seem to notice me.
and you say when we are dead,
you can love me once again, but
for now, it just can't be.

well i'll meet you in heaven for our wedding.
i'll be standing next to god and all the world.
and when we're in the ground,
you'll be wearing a wedding gown,
and i'll be waiting in heaven for your love.
Track Name: dirt
i was born in florida
and as soon as i could i fled
it was just me and an old, old friend
we had no money for even a bed.

but then one night in a drunken mess
i murdered my friend.
"it was just an accident"
or at least that's what i said.

i fled from the city.
thought i'd made it off clean
but i didn't notice the officers
glaring at me, so mean.

i hid out in the gutters
and i smoked myself to sleep
but the officers, by morning
sure enough had caught up to me.

they had dogs and guns and clubs in their hands
i spied them over the hill
just in time to make my escape
on a wagon named deville

i hopped on back and looked around
so much death, not even i'd seen.
there were skins of bear and dear and such
and a smell of mushrooms and beans.

then i heard a voice coming from the front
saying "who is that back there!?"
and i said "oh no, no don't worry.
i just came to inquire about the bear.

then the wagon pulled over with a lurch
and i hopped out, ready for anything,
but before me stood a fare maiden.
she stood tall. she was very pretty.

then she asked me to tell her my story
so we sat, and i built a fire
and she made me a meal, a hardy one
i was starved and she met all my desires.

i told her of my close escape
she said she could be help to me.
she said that she could change my face
so i could always be free.

and i said, "dear lady, what is your price?"
and she said, "just give me a baby."


and when i awoke the next morning
my reflection i could not recognize.
fare maiden was gone, i was all alone
there was a storm a brewing in the sky

i lived free and happy for many a-year
til one day a boy came to me.
he couldn't have been more than fourteen,
but his eyes struck a chord with me.

he said, "hello there father,
good to see you, are you well?"
and i said. "you must have the wrong man..."
he said, "dad, you don't remember so well"

he said, "my mother was the daughter of the devil
and my father is the son of a preacher
and my father is a cold blooded murderer
and my father is an empty soul

"and my fathers face is gone
and my mother's dead and gone
and now, dear father, your time has come
to join my mother, far from the sun.

"i'm ashamed of where i come from," he said,
"i don't want you to walk this earth,
i'm the grandson of the devil," he said,
"but you just came from dirt."
Track Name: many waters
many waters
have passed by me tonight
and i can't see.
many waters
have cleansed my soul tonight
and i can't feel.

and you saw me
but you didn't say a word.
my eyes were shut tight
all i could hear were the birds.

many waters
can help you through the night
just hear them calling you
many waters
can mend a broken heart
just go down to the river.

and you will find me
wading there
waiting for my love
and her long wavy hair.

many waters
and passed by me tonight
and i can't feel.
many waters
have cleansed my soul tonight
and i can't see.