* volume three *

by charlie shuck

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released July 5, 2016

all songs written/performed/recorded by charlie shuck
released by Infintesmal Records



all rights reserved


charlie shuck Jacksonville, Florida

a poet and songwriter from jacksonville, florida.

listen with your eyes
shut or looking at the stars.


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Track Name: i like you better that way
i hope that you are feeling better
feeling better than i do today
yeah i hope that you are feelin better
cause i like you better that way

well pardon my heart
it likes to move to fast
beats out my logic
and never learns from the past

my tongue it broken
it spits out nonsense
and my gums are bleeding
with words i'd love to express

i put on a smile in daylight
but i know it won't last til moonshine

i heard you were in a bad place
and i heard that you got burned
and i hoped i'd never lose my way
but i guess we've both still got a lot yet to learn

and i hope that you are feeling better
feeling better than i do today
yeah i hope that you are feeling better
cause i like you better that way
Track Name: leaves
i've been in a quiet time
when only storm clouds fill my mind
seems like everything i said
just came outta my mouth dead

and i've been hiding out at night
where there ain't no damn fights
i've been tryin' to keep my cool
and quit breakin' my own rules

and now the oceans start to rise
from the tear drops from my eyes
as they fall and hit the floor
i hear soldiers splashin' at the door

and the soldiers said they found me dead
they needed someone to identify my head
so they took me down to the scene
where they'd found my notebook burned in a pile of leaves

they said "have you seen this man before?"
i answered "once or twice or more
but i ain't ever seen him like this
he never used to get so pissed"

i took the scraps of the notebook
and what was left of the guitar
and i made up a tune
and i sang it to the moon

and from that burnt pile of leaves
emerged a small, determined sapling
and she reached up to the sun
singing "lazy bones, you're works just begun"

and the clouds inside my mind turned white
forming new ideas, not blocking out the light
been tryin' to make every word i breath
be more like throwin' out a seed.
Track Name: sunflowers & daisies
it may be true
that i just met you
and i can see that
you've been broken too
we beat ourselves up
while the world beats us down
but i've seen you smilin'
when there's no one else around

and i know that this song
probably won't help a thing
probably just make it worse
when you're on the brink
but i hope that it reaches
you softly this time
to easy your stress
and settle your mind

well i hope that you're feeling
productive and healthy
and that you always remember
it's your heart that makes you wealthy
and with a spark on my lips
from the magic you showed me
i will sing us field of sunflowers and daisies

and i know that this song
probably won't help a thing
probably just make it worse
when you're on the brink
but i hope that it reaches
you softly this time
to easy your stress
and settle your mind
Track Name: but not as much
winter time brings me down
but not as much as the spring
when new lovers are around
holding hands in the parks
while i'm alone in my darkened room
and spring flowers coming up from the ground
bring me down

winter time brings me down
but not as much as the summer
when the sun is bright out
shining light on my tears
and bringing to mind all my wasted years
and summer showers fallen to the ground
bring me down

winter time brings me down
but not as much as autumn
when the leaves start turning gold and brown
and jumping in piles of leaves
was fun when i was a little child
but that harvest moon shining big and round
brings me down

but at least winter still holds
hope for new things
and at least winter isn't overwhelmed
with beautiful imagery
and at least in winter no one will
blame me for staying inside
and at least in winter i can get by
Track Name: bread
i sold my soul for
a loaf of bread
i was so starved i
wasn't right in the head
now i fear i'll soon be dead

i shared the bread with
the forgotten men
we talked all night and
they shared their gin
when a couple of pigs
with their billy clubs
they beat us up
and they stole our drugs
and they put my friend in a deadly hug

i heard a voice on
the corner sayin'
"no more prayin'
up to the stars
if we want change
we've gotta fight
cause god is dead
and cops don't care about your life

i roamed around
all over town
with my mouth always
turned to a frown
and my eyes pointed to the ground

when i looked up
to see the buildings
the were in ruin
all through the city
they sit there hollow
as they crumble
and i fall to pieces
wasn't right in the head
and now i fear we'll all soon be dead.
Track Name: sweet dreams
sweet dreams my dear
close your eyes and be at peace
i'll be here if you need me
now go to sleep

sweet dreams my dear
when your working day is done
and you're weary of the sun
sweet dreams

in your dreams there is a fire
and it's burning perfectly
not to hot and not too cool
just right for you and me

and in my dreams there is a fire too
and i hope it's plain to see
that it burns for you

sweet dreams my dear
i hope you wake up with a smile
and maybe stay with me a while
before we have to leave
Track Name: the storm song
"Come on mama, bring in the kids.
I will collect some food and lock up the chickens
for safe keeping.
I heard on the radio there's a storm a-comin'
they say the sky is gonna fall and our trees may
be uprooted.

"You just make sure the kids are safe and warm.
Give 'em you strength to help 'em brave this storm.
I'll be back in a minute, you'll see.
The end of the world don't scare me."

Now the lights are out and the sun is hidden
by the storm that the clouds are brewing.
and my wife and kids are huddled and scared.
They look to me and ask with their eyes
"what are we to do?"

I have lied to many times, but one
more won't hurt as long as it's white.
"It'll be over in a minute, you'll see.
The end of the world don't scare me."

"Come on ma, we've gotta talk.
They say the world is gonna end in just a
couple of hours,
and I can't stand to watch the children die in pain,
I wish there was some way that we could all just
fade away."

"You knew all along we have no chance,
but you stayed strong, and you held your stance.
Come on pa, you know what to do.
the end of the world don't scare you."

The wind began to roar with the fury of lions.
The rain lashed out at the earth and the coop
took off with the chickens.
Then the trees began to tumble,
the sky was death like black and
I took the pills from the bottle.

Enough for three, but none for me.
Let them be the ones to die in peace.
"It'll all be over in a minute, you'll see.
The end of the world don't scare me. "
Track Name: what are you thinking
we make good noise together
when our minds and our heart strings tether
we'll find the words and melodies wherever
lets take advantage of this time cause nothin lasts forever

you said you listened to my music on mushrooms,
well your music touches my soul.
you asked me what i was thinking of
well wouldn't you like to know.

i was thinkin of the way
you stare down when you're singin your songs
and trying to picture you when your hair was long
and how my thoughts are clearest at the dawn
when i'm half asleep with your music on.

so sing me a poem and write down a line
i'll follow up but i'll take my time
cause words are important and i
apologize if i apologize too much tonight

i was thinking how
i'd like to know you line for line
let's open up another bottle of wine
stay up until the morning light
singin songs and examining each other's minds

did you notice something's starting to grow
i'm not quite sure i care what it is
you said you're an angel in their eyes
well you chase away the snakes and clear
the cobwebs from my mind.
Track Name: mended & attended
some things are to hard to share
sometimes you just need a breath of air
my head is full of alcohol
my dreams are written on my wall

you could never find a way in
this mind of mine and heart
we shall pretend
is mended and attended to,
but in the full and honest truth

i let my mind get like my room -
cluttered up with shit i can not move
i kept my heart up on the moon
as far as i could get it from this
human's pain and gloom

i can never find my way back in
this mind of mine and heart
i shall pretend
is mended and attended to
'cause thats all i know how to do
Track Name: before the stars
it's hard to remember
just where i was before the stars
came out to light the world
it all seemed a waste of time

it's hard to remember
all the loneliness i've know
and my heart has turned to clay
in your hands i long to stay

it's hard to remember
when all my magic died a time
when all the world seemed grey but then
you came in and painted colors on every day

where was i before the stars
false starts
broken promises and
broken hearts
you invited me in and
you poured the wine
you took me to bed and said
everything is gonna be fine
Track Name: their wonders were shrouded by incandescence
their wonders were shrouded
by incandescence.
i can not look up
my third eye weeps
with uninspired grief
for numb dreams.
a broken psyche grounds me

but a time or two
when i was in the mood
i saw them dancing.
gently following their rhythm
my back to the asphalte.
i remember climbing trees
to reach them.

by now we are no longer human.
our mouths are dry.
my heart hallucinates
familiar imagery.
we are both broken though
our edges are jagged differently.

mornings are lonely when
not even tears will come
i went home screaming at the streets
The only release i can manage.

i will not say what is on my mind
if the act is objectionable to you

i will write you poetry
that you may never hear.
i will sing in silence and dance
where you can not see.
i will sit at the bar and read and drink
until i am as dark as the stars.
Track Name: but it seems like i am just passing by
i was sitting by my window
when something caught my eye
there was a planet coming 'round
the other side of the star
i was heading toward
maybe i'll crash land
maybe the people will hold out their hands.

but it seems like i am just passing by

moving on
ages quicken
holding on
the plot can't thicken

metamorphed in solar flares
all the obstacles are dead
time is naught it's face it stares
and all of my known words are said

but i have never seen the light
that they claim burns so bright
can you introduce me to the host
the father
the son or
the holy ghost

i have been to the farthest reaches
flicked about like an ash
this goes out to all who teaches
teach the children to forget their past.

and i have never seen the light
that they claim burns so bright
can you introduce me to the hoax
the father
the son and
the holy ghost
Track Name: i am strange
i'm sorry if i was acting weird tonight
a strange mood held me apart
and i don't even understand my brain
don't ask me to explain my heart

but i am a romantic
and i am hopeless

when i wake up in the morning
i hope that i don't still feel strange
i hope that i can sort this out
and start a brand new way

but i am strange