* volume two *

by charlie shuck

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my third solo album. the cover is a picture of Forsyth St. here in Jacksonville, FL. after the fire in 1901.


released June 25, 2013

all songs/poems written and preformed by Charlie Shuck

Cover Photo from: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, floridamemory.com/items/show/142176



all rights reserved


charlie shuck Jacksonville, Florida

a poet and songwriter from jacksonville, florida.

listen with your eyes
shut or looking at the stars.


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Track Name: on this cloud
So it begins, a journey without end,
And a beginning hardly worth rememberin’.
The rain is pouring thin, yet it’s soaked into my skin
And I can’t be the only one who’s shiverin’.
This winter has been warm, and my nerves they have been torn,
And my fingers, their calluses are crackin’.
The planets in my mind, and all the stars, become aligned
And I suppose I’m all alone in seein’ them,

But I can’t stop now,
While I’m on this cloud,
And I’m lookin’ down
To find the reason I’m around.

By the time that this is through, like everything I do,
Would it be worth it, can I call myself a writer?
Something’s stirring in my soul, but my blood is running cold,
And I hope that it won’t put out this fire.
The oceans in my mind are getting ready to collide
With the planets that are falling from the sky,

But I can’t stop now,
While I’m on this cloud,
And I’m lookin’ down
To find the reason I’m around.

At twenty-four years old I’ve grown less wise, but
Slightly bold, and I’m hoping that somebody will listen.
I know it’s a lot to ask from a world that’s turned it’s back
On the artists, they think we’re all just pissin’
The planets in my mind come crashin from behind, and my
Fingers and vocal cords are blisterin’

But I can’t stop now…
Track Name: we broke the empire
The ship is ready
And we’re all ready to leave
Our bags are packed up
It’s time to head for the seas
Feel like I’m falling
It’s autumn here
Don’t think I’m ready
For this brand-new year

So save me something more
So save me something pure

We broke the empire
So we could get higher
And play so all could hear
And through the empty streets
We play a brand-new beat
So loud that all can hear
But broken hearts like glass
Can cause a man to pass
We all black out in fear

You say that it’s ok
That the only way to be
Is a bumble bee

Something passes by
And we sigh, “my, oh my.”
Track Name: not really all that mad
Can someone please persuade me
That I’m not going crazy
'Cause it’s not looking good from my angle
I just feel like I’m a stranger
In this mind.

But I’m not really all that sad
And I’m not really all that mad
Am I?

My path seems so clear and hazy,
I bet no one will even remember me.
Time and time again I tell myself
“you’ll be better after another cigarette
and one more beer”

And that always seems to help
When my mind begins to melt
‘til it burns out.

Can someone please persuade me
That I am just going crazy
'Cause I can’t take it if this is reality
Am I doomed to live in solitary

But I’m not really all that sad
And I’m not really all that mad
Am I?
Track Name: (I Had a Holy Thought) it Vanished with the Day
My sense of wonder dissolves
as reality falls into place,
slaps me in the face,
laughs at my sleeping instinct
and skips merrily about my bed,
juggling circumstance and outcomes.

Chance. Fatigue. Broadened
highways slither through Spanish moss
covered trees, in swamps of
my unconscious, wavering pen, producing
all but my own self-esteem,
which was tossed to the thing,
was devoured and left as waste
on the soggy earth.

I shall take refuge in my room,
sanctum of inherited quietness.
Forbidden truths eclipse the Moon,
and tenderize my heart.
My flesh is a lousy friend.
Track Name: some people only see the rain
my mind is outside, somewhere in the dark and snow.
even if it wanted to come back it wouldn't know which way to go.
i'll soon be crawling in my shame.
wandering this world without a name.
some people never ever change.
some people only see the rain.

where is it i'm going to? it won't reveal itself to me.
is it a dreadful place, or am i to live in harmony?
i can not see the way to go.
i doubt that i will ever know.
some people never, ever change.
some people only see the rain.

if you see me tripping, please won't you come and lend a hand?
i hope it's not asking too much; would you help me through this crazy land?
i think i might've took too much.
i can't seem to walk, would you be my crutch?
some people never, ever change.
some people only see the rain.
Track Name: feeling sick lately
I have been feeling sick lately
Been drinking a lot a water and
smoking less cigarettes
I guess my body finally caught up to
my soul,
Cause I’ve been feeling sick inside
For the longest time.
Just drinking a lot a beer and smoking
way to many cigarettes.

And now my voice doesn’t seem to want to sing.
My pen it seems, has run short of ink.
I’ve been feeling sour ‘bout feeling so damn lonely,
Though I know my friends are always there for me.

Thank you to everyone who’s been there when I was down.
You’ve helped me along (pretty good) so far, I hope you’ll stick around.
Track Name: twenty-six billion thirty-five
Once upon a memory lost to simile and rhyme,
a wormhole was created when two particles collided.
A living and a dead world were at once side by side.
An exchanging of particles set forth a new life.

“No more empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty universe.
From an empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty universe,
Enjoy your time, ‘cause it might not last very long.
Enjoy your time. Hope you don’t end up like us.”

The particles collided and soon after there divided into twins.
They happily provided all the magic they were hiding within.
They brought forth a sun and then they lifted up the mountains.
The plants arrived right on time and animals began to swim.

“No more empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty universe.
No more empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty universe,
Our time has come, to no longer miss out on all the fun.
Our time has come, to bask in the sun.”

But inevitably, billions and billions of years in the future,
the virus of pseudo intelligent life struck this quiet little cosmos,
and wars began to break out, and the people began to freak out,
and nobody could make out why the circuits began to break down.

The twins began to wonder “what went wrong?
Where did we blunder? Should we blame ourselves?
Are we the cause of all this thunder?”
“No my dear sweet sister, there was nothing
we could do to prevent this. I’m sure no matter
what life we created, it would invent it.”

And as the eons waddled by somehow the people they survived.
They cast their bombs into the sun in twenty-six billion thirty-five.
The age of peace arrived and the twins let out a sigh.
The world they had created had matured, now they could look back
to the sky.

We can have a friendly, friendly world, if we only want it to be.
I’ll be kind to you, if you will be kind back to me.
Track Name: i'm not emotionally ready to stop eating chickens (live at Underbelly)
if you wanna come see me,
i'll be waiting here on the floor,
my arms wrapt in a blanket of
uncontroversial chords.

but i won't put on any airs for you,
and i won't apoligize for my food.
for you i'm abominably torn.

by the time that you get here
my logic will be overthrown
by my heart, what a bastard,
that loves before colors are shown.

but i won't be someone you can fall back on,
and i can't believe i have to write this fucking song.
now it's time that, you, i must 'quone.'
Track Name: somewhere along the way
Somewhere along the way,
I must have missed a turn.
The sun is setting in the west,
I'm riding toward the dawn.
Somewhere along the way
I happened upon a song.
Now it seems that was my best;
I'm ever looking back.

I need some inspiration.
Do you have any to spare?
I'm choking on my creation,
and one too many cares.

Somewhere along the way,
I must have switched the tracks.
I hope I know where this train is heading;
hope I'm not hard to find.
The winter is setting in,
and summers cooling down.
My walks are getting shorter,
and little comes to mind.

I need some inspiration.
Do you have any to spare?
I'm choking on my creation,
and one too many cares.
Track Name: i guess i should probably wrap this up
in little less than an hour
comes the end of an ancient calander.
i'll watch it close all alone
while you're far away, back at home.
but i hope the world doesn't end
so i can see you again.

i guess i should probably wrap this up,
seal it tight in an envelope,
stamp it with my love and ship it up
to you.

it's such a shame that we met
when the Earth's about call it's last bet,
and not to kiss your lips as we die
is a shame.

time is ticking and the doors are shut.
my mind is racing and i don't know what...
i hope this reaches you before we meet
our doom.

but i hope the world doesn't end,
so i can see you again.
our time has seemed so short
no matter how long it's been.
and not to kiss your lips as we die
is a sin.

here it comes now...
Track Name: isn't it (really/so/very) strange?
i saw you the other day
through a vagrant mist that laid
about us like a veil of
ashes with a tale to tell
listen closely you can hear it wail

isn't it strange?
isn't it strange?
it's stranger than i could have imagined.

but i don't have that dream
anymore, unless i'm clean and
i don't fall asleep if
i have anything to
keep me up at least past three.
i don't feel like you and
i wish you didn't too and
you don't feel like me but
i'm not so unhappy.

isn't it strange?
isn't it really strange?
it's stranger than i could have imagined.

once upon a time i knew
the sequence of your molecules
the abstraction of your eyes which
lead me to my demise.
i'm lost in my room, it
took off one afternoon, as
i slept alone again. i'll
see you god knows when.

isn't it strange?
isn't it really so strange?
it's stranger than i could have imagined.

outside my window there’s an
ocean I’m forced to fare
it’s burning with a billion suns and my
heart yearns, but for which one?
the local group is out of sight.
i’m heading toward the endless night.
my room is dark, the lights are dead and
i’ve been seeing things in my head.

and isn’t it strange?
isn’t it really so, very strange?
it’s stranger than I could have imagined.
Track Name: Conversations
My roses think it’s spring,
the few that I have left.
The sun has fooled them, as I
was fooled by myself. Bereft,
Oh, I wish I could sing
soft, with the lonesome bird’s sigh.

Soiling approaches
at conclusions of bonds,
with petrifying glances,
your eyes, two sorrowful wands.
As morning encroaches,
I'm glad I took my chances.

Sour, not, shall grow the fruit,
this coming spring, of our
friendship, nor does this mean good
Bye. Trimmed, as by a tailor
with his scissors --acute--
Gently, roses understood.
Track Name: [ forward moves the wind ]
Forward moves the wind,
In any direction it chooses,
And crosses paths with many,
Yet stays to talk with none.

Solemnly I note it’s path,
And wonder if to follow
Would lead me toward some
Holy glimpse of loves bursting stars.

Am not I a worthy enough soul
To receive what I wish to give
And take what is given me,
Accept it, and be thankful?

For a time I thought of nothing.
Thought of basking in some ray of
Vision, otherworldly, unearthly,
As it may have been.

But who am I to question
What is laid out at my feet?
I miss the comfort in being so lonesome,
When the words know just what to say.

And this happieness is uncharted waters
So I question every wave.
My sails have been repaired by you,
The tell tales are all in line,
And forward moves the wind.